Result is not the most important thing now, Arsenal Coach, Unai Emery

Arsenal New Head Coach Unai Emery says results is not all that counts now as he prepares his Arsenal side  in Singapore ahead of a Friendly  game against Paris Saint-Germain.

Unai Emery last Coached Neymar and Co at PSG before replacing Arsene Wenger as Coach of Arsenal ahead of the 2018/2019 Season.

Emery has left a huge impression on fans in his early training sessions and his Arsenal side has racked up 8-0 Wins and 9-0 wins in Pre-Season.

Emery would however see his Arsenal side fall flat to Atletico Madrid on Thursday during Pre-Season but the Spaniard reckons that its not only results that counts now.

Emery says he wants to build an Arsenal side with good Spirit.

Speaking to the Club’s official Website;

“I have my way and I want to work with the same mentality I’ve had in my whole career. I want to build a team with a good spirit, a good energy and a very good quality of players”- Unai Emery

Emery believes Arsenal players are ready to give their all.

“Every player is committed to working hard this season and is aware of the demands. Every player at the club and the coaches too, in our careers we have worked hard under these demanding conditions. I believe in these players and now I am very happy with these players who are working hard every day”

On players returning from the World Cup and Transfers;

“On Monday we will also get the players returning from the World Cup. For me, if there is a possibility to sign another player, it isn’t important now, but while the window is open we can discuss the possibility”

“We are watching every match. Each condition on the pitch individually and collectively. Now, for me, it’s the moment to work on tactical things, to work on getting every player up to speed”

“The result isn’t the most important thing for me right now, it’s other things It’s all about the positioning, the movement on the pitch, the individual quality and the combinations together”- Unai Emery

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