Four Lessons Learned From European Transfer Windows This Summer.


The European transfer window slammed shut Monday night across Europe aside England whose business were concluded on August 8.

Izuchukwu Okosi takes a look at the four takeaways from activities in the almost four months period that clubs conducted transfer deals.

(1) Players, Coaches Must Not Burn Bridges

This point is salient when you see how the Neymar jnr saga went.

The football world were almost certain that Neymar was on the brink of rejoining Barcelona – a move reportedly orchestrated by Lionel Messi.

Real Madrid and Juventus were also in the mix for the Brazilian but in the end, all the talks of how much to be paid and which players to be part of the deal became irrelevant as PSG opted to keep Neymar as Barcelona in particular did not offer sufficient money.

This shows that the protagonists in football especially the players must not leave former clubs in acrimony.

Neymar left Barca in controversial circumstances.

Phillipe Coutinho would have wished he remained at Liverpool after his Barcelona ordeal but couldn’t find his way back to Anfield.

Mauri Icardi was lucky PSG came in late for him after issues at Inter Milan.

(2) Being Firm And Decisive Helps

As supporters it is easy to feel sad seeing your favourite player (s) leave your beloved club but sometimes it pays to be ruthless in the transfer window when some players are not delivering or perhaps to help balance the sheets.

A club that shocked the football world with the business they conducted this summer was Arsenal.

Aside the (ageing, but not playing well) players who were released at the expiration of their contracts, the Gunners with former Barcelona supremo Raul Sanhelli conducting affairs let go several below par players whose exits have reportedly ensured the north London side will save a cool £45m.

It is likely that Arsenal could add one or two quality players in January as a result of this even if it’s from the loan market.

(3) Transfer Windows Must Shut Simultaneously Worldwide

English clubs concluded their transfer window on August 8, a day before their season kicked off but have witnessed their star players always linked with other clubs.

The effects of that could be destabilising in the dressing room.

FIFA should enforce the uniform opening and closure of the transfer windows for the sake of fairness.

(4)More African Players Desperate For European Moves

There was so many transfer moves involving Nigerian players across Europe this transfer window.

The big lessons in this are: a) Players know that without being a player based in Europe, national team selections is nigh impossible b) the leagues in Africa must be made more economically viable to keep their players for a reasonable period of time.

By Izuchukwu Okosi
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