Manchester United transfer inactivity, Mourinho’s fault


For the first time the transfer window in England closed weeks ahead of other top European leagues and Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United made no significant moves.

The Red side of the City of Manchester, Manchester United, have had their preseason flow clouded more by their gaffer’s moaning than the performance or giving attention to the quality at hand.

No doubt the World Cup has played a part to disrupt the Red Devils’ plan with a host of key players getting extensive rest time, deservedly!

Are they the only team to suffer such fate? No! Manchester City, their “noisy neighbours” had more contingent yet less noise were actually heard from Pep Guardiola though he aired his worries too.

Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool except for Arsenal also had to go through this adjustment. So why is Mou making it look a big deal?

Falling back to the transfer and how United did fared. Brazilian Fred was the only significant addition and rightly done but was Mourinho right to cry over getting in more players?

Mourinho is certainly his own enemy and seems to have lost it, the United hierarchy must be looking critically into his antecedents and gradually concluding a third season syndrome is kicking in.

In the last three years, Mourinho has spent well over £350 million in acquisitions, couple with the few qualities he met, while they had some success recorded in terms of trophies, from the first season incharge, there is a major stagnation in the general development of the team.

No clear playing style, no vibes in the team, and one thing has successfully happened, that is inner rancour between players and the manager.

You want to have a look at the team over the next road, Manchester City. With so much spent in Pep’s first season which ended with zero success, the second season was a completely different story.

Not only that they won the Premier League, the League cup and also got to the semi final of the Champions League, they did all impeccably. They now have a style of play, a blueprint you can call on and most importantly there is progression!

They have made significant signings but the most important thing to note was that no single player dropped form from start to finish in the season.

Even those regarded as poor, not too good for the big occasion, Raheem Sterling had a stellar season and has improved massively.

The younger ones grew and matured very well, Leroy Sane, Kevin de Bruyne are very good examples. A couple of players also featured from the youth system despite the star studded squad. Zinchenko, Foden and Diaz are great beneficiaries.

But same cannot be said of the Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United. Anthony Martial came with plenty of promises and not just that, he actually showed the stuff he was made of, he should have gotten better for a player that came with a big fee.

Marcos Rashford would never have made the step up if Mourinho was his manager earlier, Van Gaal gave him a chance the whole world saw it and Mourinho was suppose to take it up from there, you know what? Rashford has stalled.

Ander Herrera used to be a pain in the neck for his oppositions but no more. Paul Pogba came with some much raves from Juventus, though he had his own issues but the World Cup has shown that with the right mentality around the base camp can set his mood right and get the most of him.

Just like Mourinho picked a personal battle with Luke Shaw, so did he with Pogba. Too many enemies within, too many fights self created by Mourinho.

The biggest mistake was the decision to wrongly and outrightly rival Manchester City for Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal.

Certainly, City are the blank cheque giver but pulled out of Sanchez deal for his excessive demands, Mourinho would have thought he beat them to it by getting him for £500k a week deal. Deal like this can stir dust.

This is a big mistake, there are other eggheads in the team who will revolt logically, reason Pogba and his business minded agent made a late push for deal out of Manchester United to Barcelona, he would want a new deal, others might go for similar tactics.

You put all these together, you have to agree that Manchester United hierarchy seem not to trust Mourinho with his signings as none have improved over the last two years and the general feeling in the team is poor.

The open criticism of the board must be another thing the board would be looking at. Unlike Chelsea who went ballistic addressing Mourinho’s issues, that wont be seen at Manchester United based on their history and heritage but certainly their are silent discussions and it won’t come as a surprise if the one time “Special One” loses his job before next summer.

Overall, United isn’t the only team who didn’t do enough business according to Mourinho, Tottenham in the history of the Premier League became the first club who never made a single signing in a summer.

Mourinho should prove to his employer he is capable of spending their money wisely then he will get plenty more money as Manchester United is one of the biggest club in terms of finances in the world and to spend will never be a problem to them giving the right condition.

They have spent huge before!

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