Mandzukic: Croatia will fight till the end against England.

Juventus Striker Mario Mandzukic says Croatia will fight until the end in their #Worldcup Semi Final clash against England.

“We will all fight until the end. And in that case, even if we lose, no one could blame us.”-Mario Mandzukic

Mandzukic has been key to Croatia scoring against Denmark in the last 16, and setting up a goal against Russia both games ended by going to penalties.

The Juventus striker believes he is improving with age.

“Where do I find strength? I really don’t know. I remember some ‘expert’ ahead of World Cup saying this is not good old Mandzukic… Well, he was right, this is a new, even better Mandzukic!

“I always give my best for my club and my country.”- Mandzukic

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