#Wengerout, Yes, Yes, Yes. Allow him a final push.


 “Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny was left in tears during a crisis meeting held without Arsene Wenger”

“Arsene Wenger has been accused of outstaying his welcome at Arsenal by Peter Hill-Wood, the man who appointed him back in 1996”

“Arsene Wenger has lost the support of the Arsenal board after back-to-back defeats to Manchester City”

The above are newspaper headlines making the rounds in England, Europe and the world at large.

It is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that the end of the Wenger era is here.

Wenger’s exit from the North Lomdon club looms largely more than ever.

In 13 matches in 2018, Arsenal has lost 7, losing the last three matches, twice at home to Manchester City & relatively unknown Ostersund and at Wembley in the Carabao Cup final to Manchester City.

Arsenal are 6th on the Premier League table, 10 points behind 4th  & were knocked out of the FA Cup by Nottingham Forest in the third round.

The mode of the Wenger exit/sack will play a pivotal role in restructuring a great club like Arsenal.

Wenger has been at the helm of affairs of Arsenal since 1996 and the Frenchman is a massive figure in football in England and in world football generally.

Wenger still retains the respect of many football Brains.

Wenger is more than a football brand for Arsenal, he is responsible for a spending module that has seen Arsenal record positive  returns  year in year out without borrowing.

Whenever the Wenger sack/exit is announced, it will have a ripple effect from North London, to London, to Spain to Russia to France, to Nigeria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and basically all over the world.

The Arsenal board have a huge decision to make so the club does not suffer too much.

The Manchester City model when Pep  Guardiola was announced as Manuel  Pellegrini’s replacement is a subtle one that Arsenal should apply.

Wenger has done a lot for Arsenal and  a mid season sack is not what he deserves.

Arsenal are not a club  to make do with a caretaker manager.

It is important for the Arsenal board to look at Wenger in the face and tell him outrightly  that he is no longer the man for the job.

A gentleman’s agreement should be reached between Wenger and the board that this 2017/2018 season  is Wenger’s last as the man at the helm of affairs of Arsenal.

The board also need to move quickly in securing a deal with  top managers like Carlo Ancelotti or Luis Enrique as Wenger’s replacement.

A Carlo Ancelotti is an ideal replacement, he is a step higher than Wenger having won the Champions League as a coach with Real Madrid and A.c. Milan.

Ancelotti commands a lot of respect and Players like Ozil, Aubameyang amd Mhkitaryan have a lot of respect for him.

Arsenal must get the Wenger replacement right because it’s not easy to replace a long serving manager just like it was not easy for Manchester United to replace Sir Alex Ferguson.

Wenger should be given a final push, a final push that won’t see him get a contract renewal, but a final push that would see him and the club end the shambolic  2017/2018 Season  with the Europa league title.

The players, Wenger and the board have a final push and final fight to make.

Wenger is not the man to herald or lead the Arsenal  side that would compete with the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United for the Premier League title  and domestic cups.

A new manager for the 2018/2019 Arsenal Season  is needed.

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